Star Trek TOS 004 - Mudd’s Women

• July 2nd, 2013

This commentary features our Science Officer, Dr. Mark J. Boone, filling in for Tim. Within, we discuss beauty, virtue, classical philosophy, gender roles and mail-order brides. It's a really cool and unusual talk covering a lot of interesting ideas in the space of the episode. It was such a fun experience to work with Mark on this. There's some hefty stuff ahead! We hope you'll weigh in with comments.

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Star Trek (2009) - UCP Audio Commentary Series

• May 15th, 2013

Just in time for Star Trek: Into Darkness, Kevin, Tim and Beth look back on the hotly debated, much loved and much hated 2009 film, Star Trek. Say what you will about whether this reboot is up to Trek standards or not (hint: We think it is!), it is by far the most successful film in franchise history and we had a blast doing the commentary!

We recommend that you listen to this commentary especially if you didn't like this film. Hopefully, we'll help you see it in a whole new way.

Far from the big, noisy, all show and no substance movie it's often portrayed to be, we'll talk about how Star Trek explores its characters and creates a human story amidst all the action and adventure. We'll also talk about the amazing interplay between free will and determinism and how calling and destiny are of great importance in Star Trek and in the relationship between God and humankind.

Spock's Christ figure status makes a cameo or two here as well and you won't want to miss our discussions of the Gospel as the satisfaction for the longings of Gene Roddenberry's heart, the nature of the universe, quantum physics and, of course, fashion! It's a jam-packed commentary full of theology, philosophy, geekery and humor we know you'll love!

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Star Trek TNG 004 - Haven

• April 29th, 2013

There are so many questions to ask about this episode. What's with Deanna's giftwrap pajamas? How did they fit Armin Shimerman into that small, silver box? And why? We may not be able to answer these questions, but we've got some others. Like: How is Gene Roddenberry's worldview reflected in this episode? Is there a hint of a Christ image to be found here? And what does Mr. Homm ringing a small gong have to do with Christian cultural engagement?

Join us as we have fun at the expense of a notoriously not great episode and manage to find some interesting stuff to talk about - if we can stop laughing long enough to do it!

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Star Trek TOS 003 - The Corbomite Maneuver

• April 18th, 2013

Spinning cubes in space, tense, sweaty close-ups, massive ship shakes, a bald hobbit with a funny voice - MAN! This episode has EVERYTHING!

Join Tim and I as we discuss not only Janice Rand's unreasonably strong desire to make coffee in the middle of a crisis, but also the truest tests of character and the value of mercy.

For those of you confused as to why we're doing the tenth episode of TOS third, we are going in production order. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!


Star Trek TNG 003 - Code of Honor

• April 3rd, 2013

Wow, this is an amazingly weak episode. And, honestly, it's also the closest thing we can think of in TNG to Star Trek reinforcing racial stereotypes. Nonetheless, we manage to talk about honor, respect and the Prime Directive as we ask questions about what true honor is. We hope you enjoy the commentary more than we enjoyed the episode! We certainly did.

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Star Trek TNG 002 - “The Naked Now”

• March 18th, 2013

Any episode that includes frozen people, a woman seducing an android and Wesley Crusher saving the day yet again has got to be relevant to the Christian life, right? Actually, it weirdly is. The Seven Deadly Sins don't sound like a very interesting topic to most people (unless you're David Fincher) and they surely are not intended as a theme in this episode. But, when we jokingly discussed the possibility of looking for the infamous list of transgressions in this TOS homage/sequel, we were surprised to actually find them. We'll talk about where the Seven Deadly Sins come from, why they're not what you might expect and whether this archaic idea has any relevance for today's Christians. Also, Worf needs a hug.

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Star Trek TOS 002 - “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

• December 13th, 2012

If Star Trek is about human advancement, what’s wrong with a human being advancing the way Gary Mitchell does? This and many other ideas are explored in our second audio commentary for Star Trek: The Original Series, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”  We’ll be talking about the interesting common element among the premier episodes for almost every Star Trek series, the relationship between command and compassion and what qualifies a being to be called God. In this iconic episode, the innate attraction of divine power is at war with human nobility and brings Kirk to the intersection of compassion and survival.  

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Star Trek: TNG 001 “Encounter at Farpoint” - UCP Audio Commentaries

• November 12th, 2012

With this episode, we're launching our Star Trek: The Next Generation audio commentary series. As with TOS, Kevin and Tim will be going through the series episode by episode.

In this installment, we'll talk about Q as both a judge and a God figure. Even as he mostly reflects Greek gods or other powerful mythological beings, he also holds strange congruence with Yahweh, sometimes in surprising ways. This episode also covers some of the philosophical core of Star Trek and some of the unusual ways in which the series' chronology reflects Biblical ideas.

We'll also be discussing ideas about bondage and liberty, deception and why telling someone else what buttons to press passes for "manual" operation in the 24th Century. This episode is full of wonderful things - writers groping for Counselor Troi's narrative purpose (and sometimes finding it), men in skirts, Miles O'Brien before he was Miles O'Brien and even some good dialogue and compelling performances.

Of course, for us, it's all about the Zorn.

This episode also features our guest commentator, Beth. We're really excited about this because, while they were dating when we recorded this commentary, Tim and Beth have just recently gotten married. Congratulations, guys!!

So, join us for "Encounter at Farpoint." We hope you'll enjoy the adventure, the romance and the space jellyfish.

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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - UCP Audio Commentary Series

• October 26th, 2012

This is our third commentary for Star Trek's Genesis Trilogy (Star Trek II - IV). If you haven't heard our commentaries for Star Trek II and Star Trek III, we highly recommend you give them a listen. We're following a long line of symbolism through the entire trilogy.

So, Spock sacrifices himself in Star Trek II and rises from the dead in Star Trek III. End of Christ figure imagery, right? Not by a long shot. What? You mean there's Christ figure imagery in the funny one with the whales?? Yup. Big time.

Kevin and Tim admittedly have trouble talking over quite a few funny bits in this one (well, we always have fun!) but there's a lot of great stuff in here about the Second Coming of Christ and the comsummation of salvation, Really! We're not joking! Listen as we talk about how whales, Spock, Jesus and Khan all come together to comprtise perhaps the most complete metaphor for the gospel you'll find on film. It's pretty awesome.

As always, please chexk out the goings on at The Undiscovered Country Project and drop in a donation if you like what you hear. It helps us keep these commentaries and so much more coming your way. Happy Spocktober and Live Long and Prosper! (John 10:10)

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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - UCP Audio Commentary Series

• October 26th, 2012

We continue our audio commentaries on Star Trek's Genesis Trilogy (Star Trek II - IV) with Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. If you haven't listened to our commentary for Star Trek II, we recommend you listen to it first.

As we continue to look at Spock as a Christ figure, Kevin and Tim discuss far more than the obvious resurrection imagery in the film. This story tells us not just about Christ rising from the dead, but about how we should live in response to his sacrifice. Biblical images abound as we find a much greater respect for this oft-maligned film. We think Star Trek III is actually quite good and very well made. Odd number curse? Hardly.

Join us as the amazing story of salvation unfolds even further in this fascinating commentary! And, as always, be sure to check out what's going on at and support us with your donation of any size if you like what you hear. We greatly appreciate it! Happy Spocktober and Live Long and Prosper! (John 10:10)

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