Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - UCP Audio Commentary Series

This is our third commentary for Star Trek's Genesis Trilogy (Star Trek II - IV). If you haven't heard our commentaries for Star Trek II and Star Trek III, we highly recommend you give them a listen. We're following a long line of symbolism through the entire trilogy.

So, Spock sacrifices himself in Star Trek II and rises from the dead in Star Trek III. End of Christ figure imagery, right? Not by a long shot. What? You mean there's Christ figure imagery in the funny one with the whales?? Yup. Big time.

Kevin and Tim admittedly have trouble talking over quite a few funny bits in this one (well, we always have fun!) but there's a lot of great stuff in here about the Second Coming of Christ and the comsummation of salvation, Really! We're not joking! Listen as we talk about how whales, Spock, Jesus and Khan all come together to comprtise perhaps the most complete metaphor for the gospel you'll find on film. It's pretty awesome.

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