Star Trek: TNG 001 “Encounter at Farpoint” - UCP Audio Commentaries

With this episode, we're launching our Star Trek: The Next Generation audio commentary series. As with TOS, Kevin and Tim will be going through the series episode by episode.

In this installment, we'll talk about Q as both a judge and a God figure. Even as he mostly reflects Greek gods or other powerful mythological beings, he also holds strange congruence with Yahweh, sometimes in surprising ways. This episode also covers some of the philosophical core of Star Trek and some of the unusual ways in which the series' chronology reflects Biblical ideas.

We'll also be discussing ideas about bondage and liberty, deception and why telling someone else what buttons to press passes for "manual" operation in the 24th Century. This episode is full of wonderful things - writers groping for Counselor Troi's narrative purpose (and sometimes finding it), men in skirts, Miles O'Brien before he was Miles O'Brien and even some good dialogue and compelling performances.

Of course, for us, it's all about the Zorn.

This episode also features our guest commentator, Beth. We're really excited about this because, while they were dating when we recorded this commentary, Tim and Beth have just recently gotten married. Congratulations, guys!!

So, join us for "Encounter at Farpoint." We hope you'll enjoy the adventure, the romance and the space jellyfish.

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