Star Trek (2009) - UCP Audio Commentary Series

Just in time for Star Trek: Into Darkness, Kevin, Tim and Beth look back on the hotly debated, much loved and much hated 2009 film, Star Trek. Say what you will about whether this reboot is up to Trek standards or not (hint: We think it is!), it is by far the most successful film in franchise history and we had a blast doing the commentary!

We recommend that you listen to this commentary especially if you didn't like this film. Hopefully, we'll help you see it in a whole new way.

Far from the big, noisy, all show and no substance movie it's often portrayed to be, we'll talk about how Star Trek explores its characters and creates a human story amidst all the action and adventure. We'll also talk about the amazing interplay between free will and determinism and how calling and destiny are of great importance in Star Trek and in the relationship between God and humankind.

Spock's Christ figure status makes a cameo or two here as well and you won't want to miss our discussions of the Gospel as the satisfaction for the longings of Gene Roddenberry's heart, the nature of the universe, quantum physics and, of course, fashion! It's a jam-packed commentary full of theology, philosophy, geekery and humor we know you'll love!


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